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Motorcycle Jacket and Suit Measurement Guide

Here we will show you the most common and easiest motorcycle jacket and suit measurement guide.


Before going any further, we want you to read these guidelines which will ensure your accurate measurements.

  • Its not wise to take your own measurements all by yourself.
  • Instead, you should always call somebody like an experience Taylor or friend to get your measurements.
  • Tying a string at your waistline is better.
  • Applying pressure on the tape is also essential during a measurement.
  • Always measure on the bare skin.
  • While measuring, try to stand tall with relaxed muscles keeping your feet closed.
  • Each time before buying any motorcycle suit or leather jacket, take fresh measurements because past measurements can be changed as time passes.
  • Cloth or plastic are considered as fine stretchable measuring tools and will be proved as beneficial.

How to Measure Guide

  1. Height of a Person: Stand tall in front of a wall and take a flat object like ruler. Put it horizontally on your head and identify the spot where it touches the wall. Now measure the distance between that spot and the floor.
  2. Waist Length: Simply take measurement from down back to the base of the color and from there to your waist point.
  3. Sleeve Length: slightly bent your elbow while relaxing your muscles and take the measurement over the shoulder down to arm. Then take a measurement from elbow to wrist.
  4. External Leg Length: Take the measurement from the waistband top to the bottom of the trousers.
  5. Crotch to Ground: Take this measurement from crotch to the ground while making sure you measure from the lowest point of crotch only.
  6. Chest Around: On your naked chest, measure from the chest (greatest point of extent) under the arms around your naked body.
  7. Bicep Around (Men's Only): Wrap a tape around your upper arm. The tape should be tight and measure only the widest part.
  8. Waist Around: Take the 360 degree measurement of your waist only on naked body.
  9. Hips Around: Measure the buttocks naked or skin tight trousers. Take the measurement on the widest point. Avoid tightening the tape to much extent.
  10. Neck Around: Just below your Adam’s apple, take the measurement. It should normally be skin tight.
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