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Motorcycle Saddlebags - Leather Saddlebags

Lopeholt prides itself on the workmanship that is put into every motorcycle saddlebag and swing arm tool bag. You'll also find great classic styling with a rare attention to detail. Lopeholt offers more customizing choices for your motorcycle saddle bags than anyone in the business. All of the saddlebags are easy to put-on and made to fit most of the Harley Davison models.

Our company is offering a huge range of Motorcycle Saddlebags that are stunning by looks and extra ordinary in performance. We’ve been manufacturing quality made leather saddlebags for decades. Our specialty lies within the extra ordinary manufacturing skills as we have got a whole lot of expert manufacturers in our team. We provide a whole new kind of Saddlebag that is quite flashy and durable. The question arises why a rider should pick a saddlebag as the bike doesn’t run on it? The answer is simple! Saddlebags including those known as Swing Arm Bags not only make your bike look cool but also help you keep your important stuff in them. You can store small items, everyday items, helpful tools and food items. There are a lot factors before picking a bag so we’ll go with a few. Below you’ll find why our Motorcycle Saddlebags are unique and why you should consider choosing us.

Quality and Material

Our Motorcycle Saddlebags are manufactured from top grain cowhide leather, Split leather and synthetic leather. The best quality is of course the cowhide. But we can make a saddlebag in all the above mentioned materials. The stitching is the most critical part. We stitch our Leather Saddlebags with extra durable fabrics. This thing will prevent any kind of wear and tear and make the product tough. The layers of the bags are hard and cannot be easily pressed. Thus, providing protection to your luggage or small items inside. Many products have the dull finish while some feature shining finish. There is a vast collection to choose from so take your time.

Product Details

As mentioned before, each of our bag is carefully inspected by our expert quality officers’ team. Its time to go in the little details. Our bags are well decorated with shining rivets. The rivets feature chrome plating, silver plating and sometime brass plating. Many of the Leather Saddlebags contain internal pockets thus leaving you extra room. For the outer layer protection, we include a reinforced plastic sheet with each bag to keep it safe from weather conditions. In addition, we add rubber padding. Many come with throw over system to fit your bike. Note that no brackets will be required with our Motorcycle Saddlebags. You can tie them just with laces attachment. Our bags are also available as solo made for each side of the bike. We even offer flames and other eye pleasant designs with each saddlebag. Moreover, there are certain bags that are especially made to store tons of stuff. If you like them, you have arrived at the right place.

Motorcycle Luggage Bags

If any ordinary of the Motorcycle Saddlebags doesn’t fulfill your needs to store objects, then you should buy Motorcycle Luggage Bags. These bags are essential for keeping large amounts of stuff. This type of Saddlebag is helpful for riders who go out on long journeys and have to keep everything on their bike. Imagine storing blankets and clothes for survival, food items, and some other things packed in just one of your leather saddlebags? That’s right! This thing is only possible when you have one of our motorcycle luggage bags in your possession. The shape is quite huge but not heavy and can be easily placed on your bike.

Motorcycle Tool Bags

This kind of bags are very much alike to other motorcycle saddlebags. The difference is that Motorcycle Tool Bags are used for sole purpose of storing tools necessary for bikes. The riders may need such tools for the maintenance of his bike. You could keep screw drivers and other hardware tools without any worry. Thus, Motorcycle tool bags are the perfect partner for hardware lovers who ride bikes.

Motorcycle Swing Arm Bags

The Swing Arm Bags are solely manufactured for choppers. Their purpose is to enhance the beauty of the bike in addition to storing small items in them. These bags can be fitted easily on any chopper without doing much. We even offer these leather saddlebags with our custom designs. You can order for yourself to print any logo if you want. Due to the unmatchable elegance and superiority, the Swing Arm Bags are often considered as the best Motorcycle Saddlebags for riders.

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