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Returns and Exchange

Lopeholt loves when the customers are fully satisfied. For this reason, we offer the customers to return their products if they aren’t happy with the purchase. However, some conditions apply which are listed below.


If you want to return your item or want to exchange it, simply write us. We’ll make it as quick and easy as possible.

For returning an item:

  • The item should be in its original condition
  • The item should not be damaged
  • The item should not contain any wear and tear
  • The item should contain all the packing like the time it was sent to you
  • The item should contain any tags or labels if attached
  • Buyer will pay the cost of shipping charges or any other handling charges in case of a return or exchange
  • We’ll only return the original cost of product excluding the shipping or other handling charges


Check Status of your return or exchange

If you have any question concerning a return or exchange, you can write us. The same applies if you want to check the status of your return.

Damaged Item

If you receive an item that is damaged (by our fault not of courier’s) then send the item within 14 days or receipt. If this condition is met, we’ll exchange the item or refund (if possible) the amount less the shipping cost.

Incorrect Item

If you receive any incorrect item i.e. the item other than you ordered that is also mentioned on invoice, you’ll be required to return such item within 14 days of order placement. We’ll decide whether to refund or exchange the item.

Special Orders

You cannot return or exchange the items that are custom made. Because custom orders are manufactured solely for you and no other customer will be willing to purchase them.

Gift Items

In case any gift item has been returned to us, we’ll only refund the buyer i.e. the person that has paid the amount of the order. We can’t refund to the receiver.

Processing Time

Note that it may take up to 30 days for the returns to be processed. And the refund may take 2 or 3 more working days. We’ll keep you informed about the situation in case of a refund.


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